Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kurasa Something Video

The long-awaited Kurasa Something Video!

Many thanks to Fairuz Sulaiman who edited the video in time despite his busy schedule, and to all of us, John, Arif, +wondermilk, Ifzan, Dzu, Shamly, Ena, Arafat, Deepset, Lord Sunny Day and the Cover Ups, and those who came.

Sorry for the super-late update, I thought one of my gundiks would do the honour of updating the blog when I had no internet access, but no, I guess they're not honoured enough to do it.
Oh well.

Kurasa Something di Wondermilk gathered a decent and humble crowd, not too crowded, so it was just nice. I keep on telling people that the event kind of reminded me of a scene in Be Kind Rewind, a humble get together.
Thanks to those who bought their paintings, and their hand-painted tshirts. We'd like to give a round of applause and appreciation for the proud owners of 13 artistic tshirts (chewah).
I believe the Kurasa Something di Wondermilk tshirt is still available in Wondermilk, so grab yours now! I mean, NOW!

Thanks also to wondermilk for giving out free cupcakes and, get this, 10% of the cupcake sales on that day to the Autistic school! I was obviously delighted by the kind gesture.

All in all, despite the rain and all the other events happening that time, Kurasa Something was awesome and to those who didn't make it. TOO BAD.


royhezal said...

kudos to kurasa something. u 5 malaysians are good malaysians. may u guys will organise such event in future for charity. there are some ppl who are in need of our courtesy. help them!